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Company profile

In the era of global intelligence, Jiangsu Hagong intelligent Robot Co.,Ltd (HGZN) and Hyundai heavy industries Co.,Ltd(HHI) establish Hagong Hyundai Robotics Co.,Ltd (HGXD) based on the advantages of their respective industries. HGXD is committed to Chinese manufacturing industry and adheres to the corporate mission of "Flexible Configuration、Accessible Budget、Worry-Free After-Sales Service". Relying on intelligent manufacturing, HGXD continuously develops artificial intelligence technology and intelligent manufacturing application scenarios. HGXD will make unremitting efforts to build customers' intelligent factories with intelligent leadership. Enjoy innovation and win-win cooperation!

Core competitiveness


Flexible Configuration

The application can be selected and configured according to the requirements
Customizable body color
Additional shaft (walking shaft, spot welding servo gun, etc.) can be added to the control cabinet.
Multiple bus communication modes (PROFINET, PROFIBUS, cc-link EtherNet/IP, etc.)
Built-in several free applications (communication software, application software, weld detection software, arc tracking software, multilayer multipass welding software, etc.)

Worry-Free After-Sales Service

HGXD has spare parts warehouse, to provide customers with stable spare parts demand
Provide regular technical training on robot operation, electrical maintenance and mechanical maintenance
Beijing, Shanghai, Haining and other national after-sales service outlets, 7*24 hours service timely response to the fault site


Accessible Budget

Meet the needs of customers with low budget and high quality, to provide stable quality, superior performance of products

Wisdom factory

Intelligent production system improves production efficiency and quality


Corporate culture


HGXD  Born of wisdom

HGXD is a combination of HGZN and HHI. Relying on the advanced technology of HHI and the whole industrial chain background of HGZN, HGXD explores a new mode of "combination and attack" of Chinese and foreign automation enterprises.
In the era of global intelligentization, HGZN and HHI based on intelligent manufacturing andjointly create intelligent manufacturing robot innovation industry through the continuous development of artificial intelligence technology and intelligent manufacturing application scenarios.
HGXD draws on the scientific research strength of China and South Korea to pool the wisdom of the team and make contributions to the sustainable development of China and South Korea's economy, society and environment.

Corporate spirit

With science technology and innovation as the driving force,
With respect and cooperation as the centripetal force,
With openness and fusion as the capacity,
Joint efforts upward, create the future with wisdom.



Business objectives

To promote the development of automation in China and friendly relations between China and South Korea as our mission, we are committed to becoming a first-class intelligent enterprise with robot ontology as the core.
With diversified products and quality services for customers to solve problems, create greater enterprise value;
The system and culture that enables employees to have a sense of belonging can help them realize their self-worth and grow together with the enterprise.
With the mature brand and influence to help the rise of the joint venture brand robot localization production, committed to the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing and the long-term development of China's intelligent manufacturing.

Business philosophy

Advocate the common growth and value promotion of enterprises, customers and employees.
The pursuit of building a green new ecology of sustainable economic, social and environmental development.
Build a corporate culture of mutual respect, openness and cooperation.
Dare to assume the social responsibility and obligation of enterprises, and make contributions to the development of automation in China and South Korea.


Qualification certificate

ISO 9001 Quality Management
System Certificate

ISO 14001 Environmental Management
System Certificate

IECEx Certificate of Conformity

CE Certificate of Conformity

TüV Certificate of Conformity-Industrial Robot

TüV Certificate of Conformity-Safety Related
Programmable Electronic System

Environmental System Certificate

EACC Certificate


Robotic Industrial Association
Certificate of Membership