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Product features

>    Robot tasks are programmed in easy language similar to BASIC.
>    Advanced control technologies are applied, such as path-invariant motion planning, dynamic model based control and vibration suppression control.
>    Provides reliable maintenance methods


>    Arc Welding, Spot Welding, Handling

Operating Mode

Teaching & Playback


Point-to-Point, Linear, Circular

Max. AxesMax. 16 axes simultaneously
Number of Steps4MB (max. 21,000 steps)
External Program SelectionBinary 255 / Discrete 8
Position DetectorSerial Absolute Encoder
Program Back-upUSB Memory
Servo Drive SystemFull Digital Servo
Digital Input/OutputMax. 256 / 256
Analog Input/Output8/8
Conveyor Pulse CounterDifferential & Open Collector Type
User / Machine Interface2 x Ethernet (100 Base-T)
2 x RS232C/RS422
1 x USB (for backup, version-up)
2 x CAN (1 option)
1 x SD Card
Fieldbus(option)PROFINET IO-Controller / IO-Device EtherNet/IP Scanner / Adapter DeviceNet Master /
Slave PROFIBUS-DP Master / Slave CC-Link Slave(V1.10, V2.0) MODBUS(Serial)
Rated Supply Voltage3Φor3Φ/1Φ AC220V±10%, 50/60Hz
Max. Rated Power8kVA ~ 11kVA
Size700mm x 900mm x 630mm
EnvironmentAmbient Temperature : 0℃~45℃
Relative Humidity : 20~95%, Non-condensing
Product name  CAD
Product nameHi5a-S
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