Application Software
Features:Configuration file required for fieldbus network configuration(EDS, GSD, GSDML, CSP, ESI)
Version:FieldbusConfig_20160418    Date of registration:2017-03-30
Hi5 TP510
Features:The operating system of Hi5 teach pendant TP510
Version:Hi5a TP510 OS v2.37    Date of registration:2017-03-30
Hi5a TP511
Features:The operating system of Hi5a teach pendant TP511
Version:Hi5a TP511 OS v1.34    Date of registration:2017-11-28
Hi5a TP520 OS
Features:The operating system of Hi5a teach pendant TP520
Version:Hi5a TP520 OS v1.19    Date of registration:2017-11-28
Features:Convert Hi4 job program to Hi5 job program
Version:HRFileConv v1.00b1    Date of registration:2017-05-16
Features:Remote file server for PC responding Hi5 LOADF/SAVEF statement
Version:HRFileServer v1.1.2    Date of registration:2017-11-17
Features:Virtual robot controller oprating in PC, useful for robot operation trainning Controller
Version:HRHi4VC Of v3.1    Date of registration:2017-03-30
Features:Read in ROBOT.ERR, ROBOT.STP, and display the list of error & stop and their detailed infomation.
Version:HRHistoryViewer v1.3.2    Date of registration:2018-04-25
Features:The software of editing and up-/down-loading PLC programs to a robot controller
Version:HRLadder v2.74b1    Date of registration:2017-03-30
Features:Check whether it is overweight or not, based on the weight of the additive load, the center of mass, the moment of inertia.
Version:HRLoad v1.9.4.0    Date of registration:2018-09-14
HRMaintenance for Android
Features:Provide help on Hyundai Hi4a/Hi5/Hi5a robot controller's error, warning and troubleshooting.
Version:HRMaintenance for Android v1.452    Date of registration:2018-04-27
Features:Text editor for JOB file supports syntax coloring and source folding.
Version:HRNotePad v1.0.9    Date of registration:2017-03-30
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